The Accused
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The Accused

A 21-year-old girl has to face not only a murder trial but also the scrutiny of an entire nation in The Accused (Acusada), from director Gonzalo Tobal A Child’s Voice (Villegas). This is familiar territory for anyone who has ever seen a courtroom drama, whether set in Argentina or elsewhere. There are conversations and rehearsals with lawyers, prying “journalists” and photographers and family members who can’t bear the tension over the uncertain future and constantly being in the unasked-for spotlight. Since the main source of suspense is the innocence or guilt of the protagonist, the film plays more like a genre item than a psychological study and as such it is nicely assembled and relatively competently told, even if it stumbles towards its conclusion in the final reels. But whether this was deserving of the only competition slot granted a Latin American film in Venice this year is another question, as the final result plays like a big-budget adaptation of an airport novel more than the provocative work of a young auteur.

The ominously named Dolores (Lali Esposito) still lives with her parents, Betina (Ines Estevez) and Luis (Leonardo Sbaraglia), as well as her kid brother, Martin Teen Spirit (Emilio Vodanovich). For the past two years, she’s been at home awaiting trial after having been accused of murdering her best friend, Camila. There’s a motive, as Camila leaked a video of Dolores having sex and in the video she can be heard saying that she would kill Camila if anyone else ever saw the footage. There’s no direct evidence, though indirect evidence could possibly be linked to Dolores, who was the last person who saw Camila alive. And what’s more, the police have no other suspects.

The first half-hour, Tobal and co-writer Ulises Porra Guardiola sketch the scene at home, where Dolores’ frantic parents orchestrate interviews for magazines In Fabric and TV crews that could sway public opinion in her favor ahead of what promises to be a media feeding frenzy during the trial. While they seem more worried about public opinion than the well-being of her daughter, at least one of Dolores’ friends from the fashion school she attended, Flo (Martina Campos), swings by every now and then and at one point even brings ‘round a local hottie, Lucas (Lautaro Rodriguez), when the accused complains she hasn’t had any in over two years.

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The Accused